How to Pick Down Ears

How to pick an ear that is hanging down on the stalk.

( for a right handed picker)

The left hand grabs the ear first. Notice how the index finger and thumb of the left hand are positioned on the shank. The middle finger, ring finger and little finger of the left hand remain open until the hook has open up the shucks.

In the second picture the right hand is coming back across the shucks to open them up. 

In the middle picture the right hand has slid around the ear and the fingers of the left hand should be closing tight on the shucks.

In the fourth picture the right hand is pushing the ear forward and down while the left hand palm is rolling toward the right hand and down.  This is the motion that breaks the ear from the shank. Maintain a tight grip on the shucks to clean them from the ear.

In the fifth picture the shank should be broken and the ear is ready to be tossed into the wagon with the right hand while the left hand moves to the next ear.