1939 Contests

From "Huskers Digest" by Leonard Jacobs

Illinois Contest 1939

  The George Wright farm west of Danville, in Vermilion Co., was the site of theOctober 30,1939 state tussle. An all time state record attendance was established here when 95,000 watch Ecus Vaugh of Piatt Co. finish ahead of young Leland Klein of Woodford County. Both won free trips to the National and Ecus took home a medal and $100, while Leland won the $50 runner-up pie. Donley Martin took third place, and later he represented Minnesota at the national after moving there.  Sheriff Ward provided 40 mounted policemen to handle the crowd and traffic.Farm Advisor Ivan Parett and Verlo Butz of the Prairie Farmer directed variouscommittees that were necessary for staging the state meet.  The Danville Commercial News announced the winner of it's Corn Husking Queen at the banquet on the night prior to the battle of the bangboards. Miss Maxine Lindley was the happy winner of that contest, via votes. 
National Contest 1939  The sunflower State hosted it's second National, this time at the Frank Leonhard
farm near Lawrence in Douglas County. One hundred- thousand fans gathered in the dry
Kansas field of listed hybrid to see 21 huskers have a go at it. None of the huskers at this
November 3 battle of the bangboards had won a National , but the field was studded with
standout shockers.
Joy bubbled over in Fontain County when the results were flashed; "Slim Pitzer
wins National." The 40 year old Indiana picker had return to the national after an absence
of 3 years, and today, he let out al the stops to garner the top prize. Pitzer's habit of keeping
the ducks down in the minimal category, help beat out 3 huskers with larger loads. Slim
stands as the only Hoosier to win a National, and at the age of forty, holds the record as
being the oldest to win the prize.
Richard Huth of Yellow Medicine Country made his debut a huge success by
copping runner up spot. His zero docks paved the way  in the easy breaking  ears, although
many of the huskers took big Husk deductions, for excess husks.
The biggest gross load was brought in by Ecus Vaughn but 400 pounds in the
docking department, dropped him to 3rd place. Ted Koger and Otto Sorenson took the
remaining two cash awards. Kansas great Lawrence house snapped out over one ton of
corn, but lost more than 1/4 ton of that to the old bugaboo: Husk and Gleanings.
The combined age of the two Illinois pickers, Vaughn and Leland Klein, was only
4 years more than the champ's age. Shortly after this contest, Pitzer announced his