Bob St. George Memorial Plaque

A memorial plaque was established in 2006 in honor of Bob St.George. It is awarded each year to the contestant that has the least amount of deductions, and does not win a plaque in the Illinois State Contest. To qualify the contestant must have 3 lbs or less of gleanings and 1.25 oz of husks or less.

Bob St. George was one of group that help found the Illinois State Corn Husking Association. He served as the president of the Illinois State Corn Association from 1992 to 1994. He served as a director and as Chairman of Board of the Illinois State Com Husking Association for many years. He was the Illinois Director for the National Association. He competed and won in the Men's 65 to 74 year old class and men's 75 years old and up class at the Illinois State contest. He competed several times in the National contest placing as high as second. Bob use to say you have you make every move count. The gist of the statement was that it was not the fastest or the strongest huskers that won but the one that was the most efficient.

Bob St. George

Bob St. George Memorial Plaque Winners