Ten Ears for Ethanol

In conjunction with the Illinois Cornhusking Contest on October 2, 2005 the Illinois Cornhusking Association hosted the Ten Ears for Ethanol Campaign. The 10 ears represent the 10% ethanol blend that is most common at gas stations now. The Illinois Cornhusking Association used the ears of corn picked during the Ear Count Contest and Pee Wee Contest for the Ten Ears for Ethanol Campaign. The idea was to give people a chance to experience picking corn by hand and then having it processed into Ethanol.

Even with rain coming down 26 people harvested 4 bushels of corn by hand. The ages of the people that participated were from 7 years old to 75 years old. Many of the participants pick 20 ears of corn or more. The corn was shelled by Tom Giddings using his a antique corn sheller. Munson Hybrids of Galesburg Illinois sack the corn for the Cornhusking Association. Terry Davis delivered the shelled corn to the Great River Resources Plant near West Burlington, Iowa.

Harlan Jacobson, Barb Jacobson, Terry Davis, Dick Humes,  Andrew Hennenfent 

Holly Hennenfent and Jeff Hennenfent from Munson Hybrids