Illinois State Cornhusking Association Hall Of Fame

The Illinois Cornhusking Association established a Hall of Fame in 1992. The purpose is to recognize members that have been outstanding huskers, officers, and volunteers that have given an extra amount of time and effort to support the Association.

1992 Bill Gillen Warren Simons Leland Kleine Bill Rose
1993 Bob St.George
1994 Albert Ehnle
1995 Hank Endress Lloyd Williamson
1997 Bessie Simons Leonard Jacobs
2000 Leota Kovacivich
2001 Lester Starr David Engstrom Leman White Bill Vedder
2002 David Endress Max Anderson Paul Miller
2003 Nancy Miller Tammy Einfelt Ken StGeorge
2004 Sis Wisebrook Frank Hennenfent
2005 Dick Humes
2006 Paul VanArsdale Rod Martin Bill Ischer
2010 Harlan Jacobson Cindy Humes
2016 Ardith Clair