How to pick ears of corn that are upright on the stalk.
(for a right handed picker)
If you are a right handed picker the wagon will be on your right side and the row of corn will be on your left side as you face forward.
The first picture shows how the left hand grips the ear first. Notice the position of the left hand thumb. The second picture shows the hand with the hook coming back across the ear to open up the shucks. In the middle picture the shucks have been open up and the left hand thumb is push the shucks toward the fingers of the left hand so it can grip the shucks. The right hand thumb is push the shucks back also so that the right hand can get a grip on the  ear. In the fourth picture the right hand is pushing the ear forward and down while the left hand is pulling the shucks back and down. The hands should be going in opposite directions to clean the shucks off the ear. In the fifth picture the ear is ready for a quick jerk to break the shank from the stock ,keep the left hand holding the shucks. After the ear is freed from the stalk it is tossed into the wagon with the right hand while the left hand is reaching for the next ear.