Illinois 2000 Cornhusking Results
Because of wind damage to the corn field at the Monsanto research facility and the corn in Warren county the Illinois contest was changed to an ear count contest.  Each contestant was given 30 seconds to warm up then they picked for 4 minutes. Gleaning deductions were 2 ears deducted for every ear missed. Ten ears were taken as a sample for the husks deduction. The judge then determine if the husks fell into poor, average, good or excellent. The corn husked easily so there were few deductions for husks. Below the result links is the link to the form that was used for the ear count contest.
Women's 21 through 49
Women's Open
Women's 50 and up
Girl's Youth
Boy's Youth
Men's 21 through 49
Men's Open 21 and up
Men's 50 and up
Men's 75 and up
Ear Count Form